1UX for Dutch Police: UX lead Politie Operationele Processen

For the Dutch Police Marnix was leading the User Experience Design team of the operational apps for police officers. Streamlining the process of service and user experience design and by institutionalising UX incorporating the end user in the development.
He managed the process of getting to know the end user, setting design criteria,  Creating guidelines, managing the day to day operations and setting the point of view for the future.
While the current situation is a scattered landscape of internal applications the 1UX process strives to one experience.
We researched our end-user by using the Mobile Media Lab. Dutch Police officers could join usability tests without having to leave their active duty. High participation guaranteed!

UX processes streamlined into the production of features in a scaled Agile framework:

  • identifying needs (service design)
  • define epics (customer journey design)
  • prioritising (business model canvassing)
  • define features (visualising)
  • planning and realisation (coordination in design deliverables)
  • review and validation (implementing the feedback loop)
Implementing UX deliverables
  • persona’s
  • customer journeys
  • navigation
  • interaction
  • style guides
  • UX guide
  • design principles
  • way of working
  • material design guidelines
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